Tea Pot Hall

Tea Pot Hall - DN16 3SN
- welcomes everyone

The Town Council offer a great pop in center for the residents of Bottesford and Yaddlethorpe. Why not call in for a chat and Cappuccino or a cool drink. Make new friends or bring your friends along. No membership is required. The hall is open to all and offers a friendly environment with lots going on. The Supervisors are happy to help you settle in. We arrange trips out to the theatre, shopping centers and seaside. Tea Pot Hall is open Mon-Fri 9.30am - 12 noon and 1.30pm to 4pm Monday to Friday. Don't sit at home alone, come along and meet new friends. New Bingo/Games afternoon every Wednesday -1.30pm-4.00pm. 

Great prizes! Good fun!
For further details call 01724 859057 

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Valley Park & Halls

Bramley Crescent, Bottesford, Scunthorpe, DN16 3SN.  The original owner of Valley Park agreed to sell the land to the Town Council in 1974, he was keen it was kept available for the use of the Parish. The tennis courts and multi use games area was opened in 1979 and is free to use.  An infant play area was installed in the 1980's and was Phase 1 of our upgrade was most recently updated with modern equipment, with disabled inclusion. A grant application is underway to once again up date the infant play area. Being surrounded by several schools and pre-schools ensures the park is constantly in use all year round. It is a lovely spot with a separate green area for picnics and sunbathing. It is the hub of the community with many classes and community groups using the halls. Valley Park has Queen Elizabeth II Fields in Trust protection. Summer 2024 we are set to complete Phase 2 of the park upgrade, watch out for updates!

Greenacre Park

Greenacre Park

High Leys Road, Bottesford, Scunthorpe, DN17 2PY.  In 1961 Leys Farm Estate, a new residential area began development and it was decided that an area of green space should be left for the community. Bottesford Town Council negotiated with the developers and was allowed to take the area over at a cost of £1. Greenacre Park is the largest of the Bottesford parks, set in a large residential area, and is a scenic park with play equipment for children aged 1 to 16.  Many trees border the park, which has two entrances and attracts a larger number of children during the school holidays. The green area is an oasis in an otherwise large residential area. Greenacre Park has Queen Elizabeth II Fields in Trust protection.

Chancel Park

Chancel Park

Off Cambridge Avenue, Bottesford, DN16 3LY. The Town Council have added to the play equipment over the years by installing innovative pieces for children aged 8-16. This has been a huge success with Chancel Park which is now a meeting point for children of all ages. The park is also used by football teams and dog walkers. Chancel Park has Queen Elizabeth II Fields in Trust protection.

Gravel Pit Park

Gravel Pit

Off High Street, Yaddlethorpe, Bottesford, DN17 2FN.  Gravel Pit is a piece of land that the Town Council purchased in 1964 from Glandford Council. The land was used for the gravel content, hence the name. The Town Council has left the land for free use to the public. It is mainly used for dog walking and football by youngsters. On the whole it is left in a natural state with the grass cut a few times per year. It is much loved and valued oasis. Gravel Pit has Queen Elizabeth II Fields in Trust protection.

Bottesford Bowling Club

Bottesford Bowling Club

Bottesford Bowls Club opened its doors in 1981 and moved to Valley Park in 1984. It is set at the rear of Valley Park DN16 3SN. New members are welcome. For further information call Maureen Medhurst club secretary on 01724 869311.