Town Council Land

Chancel Park Cambridge Avenue Bottesford Land Reg ref HS369156Gravel Pit Park, 

Gravel Pit Lane, Yaddlethorpe Land Reg ref HS377596

Greenacre Park High Ley Road Bottesford Land Reg ref HS369159

Valley Park Bramley Crescent Bottesford Land Reg ref HS369160

Sandpit Land, Moor Road, Yaddlethorpe Land Reg ref HS345228

Bottesford is thought to have originally been a small Roman-British village connecting Ermine Street with the Isle of Axholme and Doncaster by means of Bottesford Beck. It is due to the Beck that Bottesford has its name. Translated Bottesford means "ford by the house or building" a ford being "a tract of shallow water". Bottesford, while classed as a Town in its own right is a busy modern suburb of Scunthorpe. Originally Ashby was part of the Bottesford parish along with Burringham, Holme and Yaddlethorpe.
After the enclosure of Bottesford in 1795 the claim of Thomas Peacock to be lord of the manor was accepted and his descendants treated accordingley. One of these descendants Edward Peacock (1831-1915) was a noted antiquary and historian.
Bottesford claims connections with the Knights Templar as it is thought that the Knights had a preceptory here. Bottesford Manor House is believed to have been the gatehouse and the spring in Manor Field known as Templar's Bath was thought to have been used in connection with Templar ceremonies.