Bottesford Town Councillors

If you need to get in touch with a Councillors please contact the Clerk who will be able to assist you. 01724 859057 or

Organisational Chart.pdf

Bottesford Town Councillors

Cllr John Davison


Cllr Janet Longcake

Personnel committee

Cllr Elaine Davison

Tea Pot Hall Liaison 

Cllr Kyela Mathieson

Chair of Personnel Committee/Deputy Mayor

Cllr Julienne Birch

Personnel Committee

Cllr Gary Carnaby

Planning Matters

Cllr Alan Cook

Personnel Committee

Cllr Derrick Targett

Parks matters

Cllr Yvonne Aubrey

Cllr Mike Riley

Cllr Janet Metcalfe

Cllr Paul Shearer

Office and ancillary staff

Mrs Lesley Liddle

Town Clerk & RFO

Mrs Anne Bradley

Admin Assistant

Tea Pot Supervisor

Jan Clayton

Maintenance Person

Paul Fincham

Maintenance & Parks