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How to shape where you live;
The Neighbourhood Plan

The 2011 Localism Act grants powers to communities to put together a Neighbourhood Plan for their parish or neighbourhood. This gives communities the power to form and shape development in their area. Neighbourhood Plans must conform with Local Plans and the National Planning Policy Framework. Essentially, Neighbourhood Plans are developed by the local community, voted for in a local referendum and then 'made' by the Local Planning Authority. They normally last for five years before being reviewed. Neighbourhood Plans are able to propose more development, but cannot reduce the amount of development in the area from that agreed in the Local Plan. They can guide where development such as new homes, shops, offices and open space is located, what it looks like and how it is achieved. They can require higher design standards for buildings and associated infrastructure. A Neighbourhood Plan may seek a higher proportion of affordable housing, or enable development to be directed to less valued sites instead of important wildlife sites or community land. They can also identify existing and potential new wildlife areas, hedgerows and wildlife corridors to link them. Neighbourhood Plans have statutory status. This gives them more weight than some other local planning documents and makes them an important tool to help to protect local wildlife. Neighbourhood Plans provide an excellent opportunity to improve the local environment, including protecting and enhancing existing assets, such as local parks, nature reserves and other green spaces as well as creating new habitats. Local Planning Authorities have a duty to support and are obliged by law to help people draw up their neighbourhood plans. The formal process for neighbourhood planning is set out in the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (

Bottesford Neighbourhood planning group is looking for volunteers to join their group. If interested email

Neighbourhood Plan

Bottesford Town Council voted at the July meeting to investigate having a Neighbourhood plan. 
On 14 September 2020 an application to start a Neighbourhood Plan was completed and sent to North Lincolnshire Council for the area of Bottesford & Yaddlethorpe.
This page will keep you informed of our progress. (see below updates)
If you are interested in taking part of the Neighbourhood Planning team please email the

Update 8 December 2020

The application by Bottesford Town Council to be designated as a neighbourhood area has been approved by North Lincolnshire Council  

Designation of the neighbourhood area is the first stage in the neighbourhood planning process and will enable the Town Council to start preparing a plan with their local community.

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