Neighbourhood Plan Survey

Do you live in Bottesford/Yaddlethorpe?

If so please take our survey. This is about your area and what you would like to happen in the future.

Ring or email if you would like to take a phone survey or would like a copy posted.
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Steering Group - dissolved

The Town Council met on 6 February 2023 and voted to dissolve the current group. It was agreed to be untenable with the current resignations and not representing the whole area.The Survey IS STILL ONGOING and once the results have been calculated the Town Council will review re starting the group.

Bottesford & Yaddlethorpe are taking on the challenge of Neighbourhood Planning!

If you haven’t heard of neighbourhood planning, here is a little insight.

In 2011 the Localism Act introduced neighbourhood planning. The intention being that local communities get the opportunity to have a voice in the decision-making process rather than relying on local or national government policies.

Parish and Town councils are given the opportunity to produce neighbourhood plans for their local area, creating a strategy and policies for future development which will reflect the resident’s opinions via consultation.

A good neighbourhood plan will reflect the wants, needs, and aims of the community, whether that is social, economic, or environmental, for example; design of new builds, parking, transport, green spaces, and biodiversity.

A neighbourhood plan must be

-         community lead

-         consult the community it represents

-         pass an independent examination and referendum.

Sounds simple but this is an in depth, lengthy process that can take years, however once complete is an integral part of the planning process and must be consulted, on matters of future development.

In 2021 following interest from residents, Bottesford Town Council started the ball rolling by applying to North Lincolnshire Council for area designation. A plea was made for volunteers and shortly after a steering group was formed. They are making great progress by taking advantage of its members experience and deploying them to areas that best suit their skills. The steering group are in the process of putting together their first round of public consultation.  This will provide them with the first indications of what is important to residents and how they want to see their area develop. Keep updated on progress by following us on Facebook! Just search ‘Bottesford and Yaddlethorpe Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group’

Help shape the future!

Bottesford and Yaddlethorpe Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meet once a month and welcome any resident who would like to be involved. For more information, please contact

Telephone: Bottesford Town Council – 01724 859057

New face book page for the group.

For up to date information and how to join see the link below:



People before profit 2022.pdf
Letter to residents Oct 2022.pdf
Minutes of the Meeting 14th September 2022.pdf
Terms of Reference 210222.pdf
Neighbourhood Plan poster.pdf

Neighbourhood Plan

Bottesford Town Council voted at the July meeting to investigate having a Neighbourhood plan. 
On 14 September 2020 an application to start a Neighbourhood Plan was completed and sent to North Lincolnshire Council for the area of Bottesford & Yaddlethorpe.
This page will keep you informed of our progress. (see below updates)
If you are interested in taking part of the Neighbourhood Planning team please email the

Update 8 December 2020

The application by Bottesford Town Council to be designated as a neighbourhood area has been approved by North Lincolnshire Council  

Designation of the neighbourhood area is the first stage in the neighbourhood planning process and will enable the Town Council to start preparing a plan with their local community.

Designation of NP.pdf
Planning Explained.pdf
4. Letter NP from NLC.pdf