Bottesford Beck walk

Bottesford Beck - visitor centre

The Beck walk now offers a newly built visitor centre on Messingham Road which provides free parking for a three-hour period. The visitor centre offers refreshments and has toilet facilities. Open 7 days a week.

Friends of the Beck

Friends of Bottesford Beck

Friends of Bottesford Beck is a community group which was established in 2011 due to growing concern amongst residents about the state of Bottesford Beck. Key concerns were pollution of the beck, littering, dog fouling and the growing risk of flooding created by extreme weather conditions that was affecting many parts of the UK.
The group has had great success in a short period of time thanks to the efforts of the group who all give their time freely in an effort to make Bottesford Beck a place for all to enjoy. To join or for further information contact or face book Friends of Bottesford Beck
Linear Park map

Bottesford Beck linear walk

The Beck walk - lovely scenery, wildlife, seating and a meeting place with the newly opened visitor centre off Messingham Road.  This is an easy linear walk following Bottesford Beck, which runs for a two-mile stretch from Messingham Road to Ashbyville, with the opportunity to visit the Norman Church of St Peter's.