BTC Goals for the next 3 years.pdf
Town and Parishes Code of Conduct Jan 2022.pdf
Standing Orders 2018 (England) - V1 030723 adopted.pdf
Financial Regs updated April 2023.pdf
Financial Risk Assessment 2023.pdf
Reserves Policy 2023.pdf
General Privacy Notice 2023.pdf
Privacy Policy 2023.pdf
GDPR & FOI policy 2022.pdf
Dignity at Work Policy 2022.pdf
Equality and Diversity Policy 2023.pdf
Safeguarding Adult Policy 3.6.24.pdf
Safeguarding Child Policy 3.6.24.pdf
Media Policy.pdf
Social Media Policy.pdf
Web Site Policy 2022.pdf
Web site accessability statement.pdf
CCTV Policy 2023.pdf
Whistle Blower Policy 2022.pdf
Complaints Policy 2023.pdf
Personnel Terms of Reference 0923.pdf