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Your views are requested on the applications below. You can now view the applications and associated documents directly on the North Lincolnshire Council web site by selecting the following link:

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Planning applications - No objections by the Town Council

PA/2021/364 Planning permission to erect a 2 storey side and single storey rear extension to create additional living space at 3 Sturmer Court. 


PA/2021/548 Application to fell a London plane and crown reduce a rowan tree in and subject to Tree Preservation (4 Peterhouse Court, Chancel Road/Cambridge Avenue) order 2003. 


PA/2021/699 Planning permission to erect a single storey rear extension and a two storey side extension at 35 Trinity Rd.

PA/2021/497 56a Moorwell Rd  Planning permission for a change of use from class E Hairdresser to Dui Generis dog grooming salon including the installation of new double glazed windows to the front elevation and rendering of the front brick work of building.

PA/2021/531     22 Knights Court DN16 3PL Planning permission to erect single storey rear extension, two storey side extension with car port below and install a pitched roof above the porch.

PA/2021/630     Unit 2D Birkdale Road DN17 2AU Planning permission to create new entrance and café, signage and lighting.

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