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Planning applications from North Lincolnshire Council

35 Sunningdale Road
Application for the determination of requirement of prior approval for an extension

How To Respond To Planning Applications.pdf
Plans Greengarth.pdf
Objection 325 Messingham Rd.pdf

Update 325 Messingham Rd

It has been confirmed that the applicant has decided to withdraw their application (PA/2020/1256) and reduce the amount of dogs that she boards and how she operates her business, so therefore there is no requirement for planning permission as there is technically no longer a material change of use.

 Clear instructions have been given by the case officer as to what is acceptable and the owner has also been advised to keep records on the comings and goings to ascertain whether or not the use intensifies over time.

 As there is no longer a breach of planning control, our file on this matter is now closed.


Objections Land West of Greengarth.pdf
Further objections Land west of Greengarth Dec 2020.pdf