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North Lincolnshire Local Plan


North Lincolnshire Council is preparing a new single Local Plan for its area. It will establish a vision and objectives, allocate sites for housing, employment, retail, leisure, and other forms of development, and will include development management policies up to 2038. As well as setting out where new development will go, the Plan will also include policies which seek to protect and preserve open space, green infrastructure, the historic environment, and environmental assets. Once adopted, it will update and replace the existing planning policy framework for the area.


A six-week public consultation period is starting on Friday 15 October 2021 on this last stage of the new North Lincolnshire Local Plan, known as the Publication Draft Stage. The final day of public consultation is Friday 26 November 2021.




Previous Consultation on the Plan

An Issues & Options consultation exercise was undertaken between late January and mid-March 2018 in order to get the views of local communities and others about the issues that should be covered in the Plan and how these issues might be addressed. A further consultation of the Preferred Options Draft took place between February and March 2020. Together with available evidence and national planning policy, these two stages helped to inform this Publication Draft.


What is this stage of the Local Plan about?

This is the Publication draft version of the North Lincolnshire Local Plan also called the Regulation 19 Pre-Submission Draft Plan. Representations at this stage should only be made on the legal compliance and soundness of the Local Plan. That is, has the Plan been prepared in accordance with all legal and procedural requirements, and does the Plan meet the prescribed tests of soundness (see attached Guidance Note).

How do I access the Plan?

The easiest and most efficient way to provide comments is via the council’s website: 

A number of roadshows are to be held across North Lincolnshire to allow local people and others to come along to give us their views about the future growth and development of the area as well as the issues the Plan should cover. Dates and times can be found on the council website.

The Publication Draft document can be viewed electronically at Local Link offices and Libraries across North Lincolnshire using the public access computer network. A paper version is available for review at Scunthorpe Central Library.

More Information 

If you want to know more about the North Lincolnshire Local Plan or get involved in the process our email address, postal address, and telephone number are all listed below.  

All comments should be submitted online or emailed/posted to the Place Planning Team by 5pm on Friday 26 November 2021.

 *    North Lincolnshire Council, Church Square House, 30 - 40 High Street, Scunthorpe, DN15 6NL


(    01724 296694)

Planning applications received from North Lincolnshire Council

PA/2021/1646 1A Merton Rd Application for non material amendment following a grant of planning PA202179 namely to amend garage door, remove window
for the first floor of the southern elevation and erect projecting gable with first floor window to the front elevation
PA/2021/1630 2 Valley View Drive Bottesford Planning permission to replace existing side boundary walling and hedging with new boundary walling with infill timber panels, and erect
internal timber fencing

How To Respond To Planning Applications.pdf


The Town Council received the letter below regarding a public consultation prior to outline planning application for residential development (up to 110 dwellings). Please email your comments to JEH Planning.

11. NLC FOI Request Land West of Greengarth - Copy.pdf
JEH Planning Land West of Greengarth 06072021.pdf
Land West of Greengarth Public Consultation.pdf
Plans Greengarth.pdf
Objections Land West of Greengarth.pdf
Further objections Land west of Greengarth Dec 2020.pdf
PA20201207 land west Greengarth refusal.pdf
A basic understanding the planning system (Jan 2021)_.pdf