Bottesford Town Council are following Government guidelines concerning Covid 19.

The halls will open for hire and use to groups/classes from 21 June 2021

Two small groups are starting back w/c 12 April 2021.
Music Bugs and Baby Massage.

All groups/classes have submitted a risk assessment and will adhere to the 
Town Council risk assessment for Covid 19.
Tea pot hall is currently closed until further notice.
Details of Covid 19 rules for re opening Tea Pot Hall are attached (and will be updated following Government guidelines) below or a copy will be available from the office.

Covid-secure plan now – help protect the most vulnerable

North Lincolnshire Council is today launching a downloadable Personal Covid-Secure Plan – designed to help people put in place measures to stop the spread of Covid-19. Council leader Rob Waltham has become the first to complete the plan. You can download your Personal Covid Secure Plan here. The handy guide looks at your own personal protection, what you should be doing to help family and friends and how you plan to avoid contracting the virus when going to and from work.

 Cllr Rob Waltham, leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said: “Protecting the most vulnerable people has to be our priority and we do that by ensuring the spread of Covid-19 is contained.

 “Only if we have a plan can we properly combat Covid-19 – this means thinking carefully and in a detailed way about what measures we are taking; this includes ourselves, our family, friends and neighbours and while at work.

 “We have been working closely with businesses, care homes, schools and many other organisations to plan for preventing the spread and managing outbreaks. Now it is time for each person in North Lincolnshire to have their own plan.

 “All of this is avoidable, there are ways to stop the spread – we know hand washing, wearing face coverings and keeping a distance work. If people take just a few minutes to download this plan and spent a little more time discussing it with their family and filling it in then we can all better protect the most vulnerable people in North Lincolnshire.”

Universal Credit help with food

If you are a Bottesford or Yaddlethorpe resident and on Universal Credit needing help with food please call  Rosie Clark on 07780925777 (permission given by Rosie to publish her number) 

Volunteers Available for the vulnerable in need of shopping/medicine

Are you housebound or classed as vulnerable? Have difficulty getting out to shop for food or get vital medicines?
Please contact the Town Council at 01724 859057 

Due to the recent Government announcement on 23 March 2020 the Town Council halls and Tea Pot hall are closed until further notice. The Town Council will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated. 
  We apologies for the inconvenience this may cause but your safety and that of our staff is paramount.

The Town Council Clerk is available to take your calls on 01724 859057 Monday to Thursday 9-12 noon.

Bottesford Ward Councillors are available to answer any questions you may have
Cllr John Davison -
Cllr Margaret Armiger -
The Town Council will endeavour to keep you up to date on Government announcements and suggestions to help while you are on lockdown at our face book page @bottesfordhallhire

PLEASE follow the Government's advice; stay home and stay safe, keep your distance from others.


Bottesford hall hire @Bottesfordhallhire Bottesford Town Council facebook page information and advice

North Lincolnshire Council - 
News clip from North Lincolnshire Council 

North Lincolnshire Covid-19 community aid - facebook page - links to volunteer or for help. Offers mentorship conversation for those isolated. To ask for help  

Safer Neighbourhoods Bottesford Join us on to receive to local information for your area.

Bottesford Baptist Church - for help or support

Scunthorpe foodbank near us: Asda on Burringham Road and Sainsburys Doncaster Road   

Bottesford Town Council will continue to offer advice to residents during this difficult time. 

Helpful Hampers.pdf
Letter to Tea Pot visitors - Rules Covid 19.pdf